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Artur Nikodem
Tra città e periferia

Nikodem is one of the most important early modern artists in Tyrol (catalogue in Italian and German).


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Luther and Tirol

Religion between reform, marginalisation and acceptance.


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Lois Anvidalfarei, Gotthard Bonell, Roberta Dapunt.


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Armando Ronca

Architecture of the Modern in South Tyrol 1935-1970.


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Frida Parmeggiani

The Salzburger Mozarteum and Merano Arte celebrate the 70th birthday of Frida Parmeggiani, one of the most important and best-known costume designers.


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La fine del bel mondo

La stampa paesaggistica in Tirolo prima del '900.


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Topics Geo 2017

Natural catastrophes 2016 Analyses, assessments, positions.


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Alois Kuperion

Kuperion had succeeded in independently developing an abstract style of painting, the color sense, intuition and airiness of which surpassed that of many contemporary painters.


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Museum & castle history

Available in German and Italian


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The Encyclopedia of Kurt Caviezel

Through years of camera surveillance the artist has compiled a virtually unreal amount of images, which have all been harvested from webcams.


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Ricette d'artista

Selected ingredients, individual recipes, and treats - there are many obvious parallels between art and cooking.


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"Art does not come and lie down in the beds that have been made for it; it makes its escape as soon as someone speaks its name; being incognito is what it loves most. It best moments are when it forgets what it’s called."


(Jean Dubuffet)


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100 x Kurhaus

Special exhibition about the famous building, symbol of Meran.



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